Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

Many people may be shocked by what I’m about to say but I want to say it anyway. I think the NBA Commissioner’s decision to ban Donald Sterling for life should end there and I hope that they do not try to force him to sell his team. America is supposed to celebrate free speech. Along with free speech is the freedom to feel and think however you want as long as your ACTIONS do not infringe upon another person’s rights. While I think his racist rant was shocking and even disappointing, I do not think he should be punished for stating how he feels.

Maybe I feel this way because I was born and raised in the deep south were people are open and often unapologetic about their racist beliefs. I much preferred knowing how a person felt as opposed to the closested racists that seem to flourish and flock to southwest Florida. Soon after the tape was released, several people stated they know Sterling is a racist and he has expressed his opinions on race in similar fashion in the past. You have not; however, had a single player, coach, or employee step forward to say Sterling treated him or her differently simply because of their race. I personally don’t care what people think. I do care how they treat people. As long as he has not violated any laws, including civil rights laws, I don’t understand how his property (his ownership interest in the team) can be taken away from him and I think any actions to force him to sell his property would cross the line and violate the rights guaranteed to all Americans to life, liberty, and the pursuit of money as the founding fathers wanted!

One thought on “Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

  1. It is scary to think that they may try to take his property because they disagree with something he says. While what he said was vile, think about what if the races were reversed. What if a minority owner said something disagreeable, and the establishment tried to take the minority’s property: it’s unthinkable. One key difference is that by joining the NBA, Sterling agreed to abide by the rules of that club; and the club reserved the right to kick him out if he did something to harm the entire group. Ironically, the fight to force him to give up his franchise will end up costing millions to everyone involved!
    Also, he’s a terrible person, and nobody feels sorry for whatever happens to him…

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