Standing Up for Stand Your Ground

 image Last year I appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss a case where I used the Stand Your Ground law to exonorate my client. I know that we should have won a jury trial based on the facts of the case but I am so grateful that we did not have to go through a jury trial to prove what really happened.  During the hearing, I basically acted as a prosecutor and proved that my client was acting to defend herself after she was initially attacked in a place where she had a legal right to be and while she was engaged in a legal activity. I am eternally grateful to her that she chose me to handle her case and she allowed me to appear on Dr. Phil to tell her story. Following her case, the verdicts in Zimmerman and Dunn have caused people to protest and demand a repeal of the Stand Your Ground laws in Florida.  Despite the protests, I still fully support the laws and hope that once all the bad and improper media attention dies down the laws will remain in place. The average person who protests the law has most likely overlooked or was not aware that Zimmerman nor Dunn ever asserted Stand Your Ground as a defense nor did they have a pre-trial hearing. Stand Your Ground laws did not apply to either situation and was never used. I speak to audiences of about the law and I think most people are happy to know that Stand Your Ground never applied to Zimmerman or Dunn. The laws were never designed to encourage or permit vigilante justice or killings. The laws were designed and implemented to protect innocent victims if they are attacked.  I plan to continue to speak and educate people on the truth of the Stand Your Ground laws whenever possible to help prevent the repeal of a great law. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the laws or disagree.


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